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Best Online Games Multi Players 2021

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Best Online Games Multi Players 2021

Online games multi players set number two in this final match true double elimination Justin Bergman one hill-hill the first set or that was some shootout, Freddie, those guys you played great and Mike again has won the leg and it’ll be on his break to start the only boy missing that set was an in that last game tough shot that he had a tough little out hit those two balls on the side rail near the pocket had to get a good angle.

The first one and they’d come back for it again and he didn’t get the first one not even made it you know Justin might have made his best his best out of the whole set that was a great out yeah there’s the last wreck that was not an open nut open Rach fought his just fought and fought to get to that two balls which were the problem all along he got it finally well we’re seeing a great finale to this year’s BC a pull League championships this is definitely the last set we’re going to play in the pro arena this year 2019 once.

I call you out there they’ve been watching all week with us and we invite you back next year for the more great pool at the key sports international BC APL national championship 8 ball pool apk to break its race to 7 for the title and the cash balls are in five balls 11 balls you know I was sitting on the sidelines watching and I’ll tell you, Freddie.

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I realized that that the American players really are dominant on these small tables sure well Americans including the Canadians that play on this bar smaller tables much better you don’t see him anywhere else in the world right we do see the UK style eight-ball table I don’t know how much they play there it’s a different game yes definitely different game it was snooker sized balls and small pockets.

I was just talking to Mike massing we were discussing this very thing and he said it’s a different game he said on the nine-foot table you’re rolling the cue ball around the table and everything’s wide open he said here he said you could play in close position all the time meanwhile Mike has played a perfect shot in the first ball he got on the two balls both those balls were the tough Paul’s and now it’s pretty wide open these guys both played nearly perfect in that first set one mistake each.

I mean Justin scratched on one break and Mike missed one ball, yeah and the other mistakes that Mike made was failing make a ball twice after he broke Justin serve Justin did scratch on the break and Mike ran out the rack. But didn’t make a ball in the break and then Justin didn’t make a ball in the break.

Mike ran off the rack and didn’t make a ball in the break on his ensuing break he’s got the best break going that we’ve seen so far but for some reason, the two of those racks came out bad this one here two balls went in wide-open rack one nothing unless barring any crazy mishap here well I don’t mind seeing these guys play another set they both play so good well they played the best and to slightly contrasting some styles yeah they were they deserve in the finals they’re the two best players here in this event one

online games for multiple players

8 ball pool apk this is a real shootout between these two guys give Justin the slight edge in negotiating tough racks and definitely the edge goes to 8 ball pool apk on the break and wide open Rex was there any safeties in that versa no there were only dry breaks a scratch on the break and then that one missed ball by 8 ball pool apk so if you count up the errors that’s two dry breaks and one missed ball by 8 ball pool apk one scratch on the break and one drive break by Justin Bergman that was the difference three errors versus two-person one by one on the hill Jefferson has an interesting way of racking the balls he racks him up and then he takes them all down spots the one ball.

Justin breaking pretty well not nearly as hard as Mike but I don’t think you need to break them nearly as hard as my lips right on top of his cue stick looks like you sufficiently cute he hit a little harder than he normally does a loss okay I’ll drink another early advantage 8 ball pool apk trying to take advantage just a nice-looking open rack – there’s a couple balls tied up nothing they can’t be broken up well from the high from the low ball side the 2 1 the 2 and the 1 are kind of tied up you might even actually play a combination 12 1 to start off with these balls down table look like they’re good yeah if he does that all the low balls are open well noise if you take the high balls he has to break up the 12 ball and the 15 ball Mike is looking up there at the 12 one I agree with you that would be a really good opening shot it’s every small ball all the small balls would be wide open then interesting shot here if he plays the five ball up table that’s telling me that he doesn’t think the five ball goes anywhere it looked like the five ball came down here in the bottom corner bottom right corner as we view right now the time playing the six see how he solves this they’re .

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both going in both going to go in might have to reevaluate their came up kind of funny because now making the seven ball he doesn’t break the fourteen out which is blocking the eight ball I believe it may not be if it’s not blocking the eight ball and he goes right for the four ball he doesn’t want to tap that eight I don’t think no you might want to tap the ten and he really doesn’t want to break those up but he may have to seem like they go through he’d like to really tight like that a 14 into 10 yeah like yeah he opened them up he did open him up he needs to get up there to get a shot does the two one is that a combination that’s all no I don’t know I don’t think so I know twelves got him blocked he doesn’t look like he’s got anything right now no he’s got to come with a shot here can back up the three into the side or the three twelve one combination but the twelves got a back cut the one he makes this probably going to run out that’s what he’s looking at a three-ball combination the good news is he doesn’t reach not really a back cut the first cut is already to the right side of the 12 I think it makes this ball oh it’s not perfectly lined up with the pocket he’s got to hit the 12 just right yeah he just has to hit the ball if he hits them 12 on the right side he’s got to cut it a little bit right to the bottom of the one ball if he doesn’t he’s going to jar that pocket if he doesn’t he’s gonna lose the game if he shoots this he’s going to open up the only ball that’s trouble ball for Justin he’s calling for it yeah that’s what happened why oh boy yeah the first open look off a scratch on the break now he’s probably kicking himself why didn’t he play that 12 one combination the two balls down table must have gone very well he played a very odd first shot shooting a 5 olive table Justin Berkman take advantage I would say yes because he’s done it every other he’s done it every other time he just doesn’t seem to get in a position that that he’s going to miss a ball 8 ball pool apk be the bridesmaid once again well we’ve got a long set in front of us a long short set we’re just at the beginning one nothing like two Shane I never heard it that way it’s long short long I know what you mean though we got a lot of play ahead right normally a race to seven eight ball is not that short Asit but the way these guys play they make it look short yeah when you don’t miss balls even when the rack is sort of tied up Mike had ball in hand on a eight ball rack you really expect him to be favored to run out and just didn’t get their free stroking there it looks like he was trying to come back for the day for you you know is that the 15th on the end rail there yeah you know how I’m doing this Jay not that I’m succeeding but every time I look at that 50 and I say is it green enough to be the 14th and I say no you can’t say is it teal enough because I don’t even know what that means it’s kind of the closest color to the cloth color except for the other than the blue I guess I’m a little colorblind I think you notice this two balls awfully dark compared to the 10 ball that’s sitting on the table right yeah I was like look they’re not a match are they no what a shot here he actually it has an opportunity to shoot the 14 if you had to of course he’d still have a nine ball but it was awfully nice fish in there now we probably take it I would think so slide one rail between the 1509 another 15 11 and 9 I’m surprised he’s taking this now well because the Tish stop for the 15 or excuse me the 11 at the 11 Wow well you know he sees those easel angles love he’s got his own way of doing things that’s for sure works pretty good for Justin Berkman 8 ball pool apk is pretty upset over there by had a golden opportunity to start this second set with a break of sir but didn’t get out Justin’s flying through it one two one Justin Bergman holds his serve after scratching on the break I think we’ll have another he’ll he’ll set probably probably we could all we seen some great pool the last 10 days I’ll tell ya we have we have indeed is this real pool J sure is better believe it let her believe in you bet it is I mean look at who’s left in this strong field two great players butt cream rises to the top every time I think the biggest surprise of the week was a Rory Hendrickson having this wonderful tournament making it to the finals against Shayna and boning his yeah his Padawan as I called him and now Mike returns favor and scratches and let’s see if Justin has any problem doesn’t look at Mike breaks bigger that’s why it like seems to be a little deflated about that first set because he thought he had it he was on his stick it was on a stick low balls coming up both balls are good maybe she’s a 12 ball it’s it’s a wide open if he shoots this three ball it’s wide open the two balls got me a little bit on tilt now Jay because now I realize it’s darker than the 10 ball what’s going on with that better I asked Andy cyclop stop shot why would he want to bump that ball it seems like he likes doing that nudging balls are like you’re using them for position yeah yeah he actually uses those balls use that one use it as a place where he can put his bridge over the top the one ball goes past the seven ball so no issues there just roll this forward Justin Berkman shared with me before this match he said he’s going to put a real charge on and try to make the Mosconi cup team he’s in about eighth place now he’s going to ply all the big tournaments the rest of the year and try to get on that team these guys could be teammates sure have they been before that camp question came how know that word 8 ball pool apk was not on the team last year but Justin hasn’t he been on twice I think we’ll find out I’m not sure I think it was his first year with him and Schuyler Justin makes easy work out of this well I’m just about to shoot this ball oh yes okay they have been teammates thank you our Vincent our director our producer producer director he’s the one with us I always give the credit to the cameraman that visits the one that’s switching cameras it’s right we’ve got four cameras on this shoot Justin Bergman is up two to one and he’s breaking he can stretch out the lead like to Shane over there check miss phone I think I think we need to have a rule on that in the future well they shouldn’t be using her cell phones during the match that’s for sure why would he want to be on the sofa I don’t know maybe checking out what’s happening on Facebook please look purslane he’s looking for some words of encouragement maybe that’s it here we go you know when the 15 ball full pyramid rack is on a set of a table it looks like there’s more balls yeah it’s a it’s crowding up a lot of the table I don’t hear anything dropping I don’t think anything will drop nice open rack very nice open rack let’s see if Mike can take advantage the 14 ball that’s the 15 ball down by the 6 ball which is the lime green ball blocks the solid the 6 ball and the 3 ball and for the stripes the 10 ball and the 12 ball the blue stripe and purple striped ball are kind of tied up Mike is going to shoot the high balls and probably nudge these balls no more problem he has a shot jacked up here comes the bridge be careful here we haven’t seen much of the bridge this week no this is only the second time Mike’s used it to bridge over ball from this particular there’s the predator bridge a really nice look at it a nice looking bridge as far as bridges go if you can break the balls with it to probably put a tip right on there and call it the rev oh oh they are deed to that tricky shot here just because he’s using the bridge you know you have to guard against pulling the bridge up and hitting a hitting a ball go ahead and swing at this it’s a good shot well done well done pretty wide open here the 9 goes into the corner pocket past the three-ball 14 going the side or the corner pocket after the 9 ball is gone let’s just kind of steady his steady himself here I know he’s a little bit upset over the first set and then scratching the break the last break oh he’s run into a hot shooting Justin Berkley yeah it’s not like it’s just a Bergman’s not giving up anything he says you want this one you’re going to have to win it but only to take it away I think he’s gonna go ahead and play for well smoke bit of stretch taken a long time yeah this is like the longest he’s taken on a shot it’s almost like he got a little distracted by some I think so I’d be on the cell phone reading text and stuff like that you got to keep your mind on the game well I am Not sure I agree with this but you know he’s got a huge now he’s decided to stay away from that the troubled balls down here well the 14 goes in the corner so not so bad or the side on this side it’s got to get good on this town if he wants to play at the 14 the side two rails to it got to hurry up he’s good floating down for the 14 the side we’ll know float you hit it firm this one is going to punch in slide up and shoot the eight in the same pocket nice job nice job holding writing the ship and gets it back even these guys are really evenly matched yeah I got a feeling that they pay ten such that could go five five I think so who do you think is favorite on the bigger table I know we’re saying that staring at the Fargo rates I think they’re evenly met evenly Matt I really do there are certain games that they specialize in that one might have an advantage Justin in one pocket certainly and probably 8 ball pool apk as straight pool would have an advantage but we’re playing eight ball now these are two players that are equally well-versed on small or large day right here comes Mike’s break scratch last time it’s funny that he would be struggling with his break when it was so good in the end the hotseat match he’s got so much wow he crushed those balls he said I wouldn’t get even with you oh my and the cue ball Gus around he might be able to seek shoot to 6 in the corner that’s that’s a horrific roll there if he can’t get anything he’s smiling right now might be able to shoot to 6 let’s see what he’s looking at here now he’s looking the other way is there a carom on I don’t think thought so I think it’s a little bit too far out I can I flicked so also if you can get it there without it’s sliding or rolling he’ll be able to hit it but he’s gonna have to hit it pretty firm from right here no sliding I mean all sliding do you think that ball carom back to that pocket it almost has to go in reverse if I look at the table it looks no good if I look on the overhead it looks ok now he’s looking to see if he could spit he’d have to spin this ball a little bit Oh safety bill was right there looks good Bill’s got to come back out there and this one’s in a tougher spot so we’re going to see it a little block line play a little baccarat except for they don’t get a point no they’re not getting a getting a point they’re not there they’re playing the rail nurse the opposite side the balls got it on inside Justin takes a look to see if that two ball go but the threes got that pocket blocked in two three combination he may have to try the same shot our referee bill stock is close by the table watching this action there he is there is he worked for cue sports international for 12 years just retired he was the one that trained all the referees for many years Bill’s a good player in his own right well this was a really good safety sometimes the best shots and pool the cue ball only travels an inch that that barely moved a millimeter he’s made help he’s trying to cut his face called the six ball he’s firing boy Justin can you cut this ball I don’t know about that cycle looks like he’s Billy earning off the to into it what the heck Wow oh my goodness I can’t believe he made that ball neither can Mike Mike Mike just has a stunned look on his face how did he shoot that ball Mike’s thinking to himself maybe I should have shot it Mike is probably saying I just played so many lockup safeties on people on this stream table and they’ve come up with some of the greatest shots in the world I’m still in shock but he actually made that ball he had to kind of cut it and throw it at the same time but you know Mike they shot the same shot he could see as much of that ball as Justin did but I could think he thought that safety was do the job and I would have thought so too he’s gonna shoot there oh I think he’s gonna shoot that too up in the end I mean he’s on it right now yeah of course she’s gone she is just met needs make sure the angle as he has been he fools me sometimes with that walking around and pointing sometimes it’s like all the time it looks like is that going to shoot the ball but he still got three or four more dance steps you notice how cleanly he pockets everything he’s it’s like lost right everything goes right in the middle of the pocket as he missed a ball not in these two sets I think so yeah I think the only thing he’s done is scratched on the break mike wants to take another break there’s a little disagreement here between 8 ball pool apk and Mike referee I thinks Mike’s saying he thinks he double-dipped fouled but he’s shooting away I can’t see how he did now Mike’s a little light to be complaining I mean this is the games in town now oh he’s saying it’s overdone oh please talking about Mike says gotta say what’s he what’s he say they’re talking about that shot yeah he’s saying he’ll show it after but let’s uh I’m gonna work on just his head cuz Justin actually answered him and just didn’t need to well I’ll tell you what that’s gonna affect Mike that is more than it is Justin yeah you kind of figure that justin is more like a shark but he smells blood and right now his slightly bleeding Mica’s has got a paper cut on him and justin selling mike was talking to him and Justin appeared to be disinterested in having the conversation and it doesn’t help Mike to get worked up no you got to keep your emotions in check out there I think Mike feels this match slipping away but it’s still only three to two I don’t hear anything dropping 8 ball pool apk has another opportunity to come up and work some magic he cannot bill is going to not get this magic rock let’s see if Mike can ride his ship right now it’s a tough run out though balls are tied up mic should not be touching that rack but he did and shows bill that’s not even on the rack so bill mark the 9 and then you yank that ball out you notice Justin since they’re very placidly observing what’s going on balls are really tied up here you see the six ball is buried in the 13-14 might go past the nine ball 14th on the spot Mike’s decide play solids tough first shot tough second shot six ball still several law wants to shoot the five and break that six right now he’s going the wrong way me and he got there Wolfe almost missed it very nicely done and he didn’t open up the six the sixes do it it goes to a pocket but unfortunately it goes down table that’s still somewhat hidden by the 12 ball you got to get behind it to make it he may roll forward right now to the three bond the side and then go for it four ball is still tied up so he had two solids that were problems for ball in the six ball six ball is almost open four ball is not well now I can open the four he’s asking for a little bit of a roll I think he got one shoot the floor and he’ll be on the high side of the six you still got a really control his cue ball and yet to execute this shot cut down the rail was what he missed before the last set Wow didn’t do him much good there I don’t think the six will go on the side I don’t it won’t Bank either the eights blocking it well maybe he can cut it back to his right cut it past that ten ball but you really got to turn the cue ball loose if you do that he’s in trouble right he’s definitely in trouble luckily he knows it though he knows it that poem back jack now the gates got blocked he can’t Bank it he’s looking it’s closed but I don’t like it it’s it will bank in two at the bottom half of the pocket right right it’s spin Bank look he’s gonna shoot the three-ball oh boy I hope he’s coming off a lot of balls oh boy wow what a shot he deserves a roll here unless there’s a little unbelievable he almost god I almost got on it does that bank mm-hmm no no no the eights right in the middle of the pocket on this one yeah the other one had a better shot at banking he’s banking back that’ll active the way like starting to shoot some shots that are like desperation and his desperation Bank for sure boy he this could get ugly Freddie yeah he’s a one more one more bad roll from sweeping the table you know what it means when you got one ball in your opponent’s got seven you are behind it you’re behind you are behind a lot a lot of people especially people are new to eight ball think that you’re ahead when you’re against a good shooter or even a medium shooter you’re so far behind if you’ve left the table one ball left Justin still looks like he’s all business you know I think that experience of all those money matches he’s played he can kind of feel that his opponents showing a little bit of weakness right now right like I said he’s like the shark he’s smelling blood Mike is starting to open up a wound let’s see how he finishes up this rack he’s not making any mistakes is he no once again as I said yesterday this guy is a good closer he knows how to finish a match looks like he’s gonna open up the lead to four to two 8 ball pool apk will be breaking to try to close the gap [Applause] Mike sitting in his chair he didn’t rise it’s his break while he was still thinking we see he’s he’s a little distracted right right now if he thought that Justin Bergman was supposed to be breaking that may have lightened up his mood he needs this wreck yeah like you said earlier Jay it’s starting to get away from him he’s needs this he needs this wreck easy break and run to get him back in the game no he’s physically and mentally you know he’s probably finished second seven or eight times in the last year and a half that I remember and it’s beginning to eat at him oh sure now for most of us second place in a tournament is great you’re making money but he wants to win sure he’s got a decent opening shot here he’s going to play combination and hang the ball five ball I believe but he could play the 10 ball looks like stripes are the right balls yeah he’s gonna play the 10 ball don’t chunk it good shot he’s looked like theirs they were absolutely wide open and that’s exactly what he needed maybe this rec will get him out of the funk he’s in right stop shouting 11 14s right there I mean Justin has been playing why would he shoot this ball guess mine is not to answer why yeah you would think those would be the last two right because the to up table are a little tricky and he felt perfectly on the 11 and he’ll fall perfectly on the 11 again I think he could stop the cue ball right there I think so saying just has been playing perfectly I don’t believe he’s missed a single ball in either set he has had a dry break and I’ll scratch him to break the first set drive breaks on this set still one Mike hasn’t easy out here and he’s down for two three when he makes his eighth ball Justin bring him to break give up Mike it’s not over buddy not over but Justin just has plays pretty well make a ball on the break keep it on his serve all the way out said this in the last game above Mike this set it’s all on Justin’s really it’s on his stick he can’t lose if he break and runs all of his set all of his racks from here on out pretty tall order playing eight ball I tell you but this but I’ll tell you what if you add up all the games they played so far it’s been mostly breaking runs probably get the stats tomorrow on this on these two matches keep the cue ball on the table make a ball on the break that’s what he wants to do a fall has gone down one balls gone down hi balls look pretty wide open Justin Bergman favored to run out from here yeah this is a nice layout again what combination drawback one inch.online games for multiple players

I would think Justin reads the racks really well yeah I think um probably over all of the players he spent more time and the right amount of time reading the rack before firing away he might be the second-best in this country at this particular game after Shane Van Posner it’s interesting that he takes away that that ball in the corner knowing full well he still has to play this comedy maybe just doesn’t want to play the combination cuz he doesn’t have to he will now I’m not sure does a twit can he shoot that 12 I guess he can’t can I kick he’s got enough to shoot he wants the combination out of the way so the 12 is open and then the 8 ball is open for that pocket right so 12 balls must be his last ball looks that way he doesn’t want to follow this I guess he’s trying to figure out what the night he was to follow this all in I’ll make sure that he can play position for it.

I’m thinking he should go ahead and shoot this 14 so that he can cut the nine-ball instead of playing a combination or cut the combination incident doesn’t have that forward roll on it a little change of strategy here this rack I don’t know if he’s gonna like that any better I don’t think he wants to shoot the 12 now because the three could cause problems go back and shoot the 11 maybe yeah yeah I’m not sure what angle he’d eat he’s looking forward to shooting this 13 or 9 there aren’t too many angles left I think he’s had it on three different angles he’s going to have to shoot it next wherever it falls that’s not much different of an angle is it I think he’s going to hit this one fairly firm and go follow back to the side of the table.

I know I’m wrong again he doesn’t want to make them both any definitely and he was hoping and he didn’t make them both he’s got a good angle here to get on that 12 now right to the center of the table yeah real forward cross the line yeah shoot the eight in the same pocket that the 13s hanging in now tough speed control here no he does this really well beautiful he’s got a great feel for the table just perfect for a two-game lead 8 ball pool apk to break down – absolutely needs to break and run or else Justin will come back to the table with an opportunity to close them out Justin Brigman – looking stronger and stronger and stronger you were looking at two of the best players in North America right here both candidates for the Moscone Cup team this year and among the favorites in any tournament.

They play some gals lookout ooh that’s the disaster for that is a disaster and once again it’s a big break lots of low balls in the 11 and 9 make stripes a little bit difficult so I expect that Justin will make a low ball probably the 7 there it is a boy this is a nice spread on these low balls you can see the whole pattern here the four ball in the corner these were the one mo, yeah this Rack might go fast it will well is not much thinking here Justin besides I think though he’s just being careful yeah he could feel himself winning right now exactly one on the side roll for the six which are staring down right there sometimes Freddy you got to take an extra online game for multiple players second or two just to be sure that’s true.

I like that he looks to the other side got to see which angle is right and which angle is wrong there’s the line above it is no good and below it is perfect but you got to fade the 14 so there’s just put it right on the line and if you happen to be high in it you can just draw to the side it looks like that’s what he’s going to do that’s white look to the line drawn to the right of the five balls as we view it or stun nice pose and maybe drawback and shooting the side.

He shoots he’s in the side a lot, yeah he just shook his head a little bit because he didn’t quite you didn’t get an angle can go forward shoot it up table stop it shooting the side, yeah he looks like he’s got a little bit of an angle he’s going past it just like this perfect almost perfect he’s going to be on the hill and breaking even that one he stopped it took another shirt he’s on the hill and breaking [Applause]

I can only sit and watch after that scratch on the break Justin Bergman’s has been playing so good and of course that break was huge so Justin was already making good work of the tougher acts stepped up at the table with a pretty easy wreck the only match Justin lost in this tournament was to 8 ball pool apk in the hot seat match really steamrolled him in the hot seat match that was a nice shot there of this Steve Lomax cue he’s not going to break with it’s gonna go get his break you Mike may not be coming back to the table he’s hoping for a good break right .online games for multiple players

Here yeah Kewell on the table ball down that’s what Justin’s looking for right in the son of the table nothing’s gonna kick it balls her down I was a shot on the ones that break shot on the five shot in 12 thank you ball choice that cue ball John back and stopped and nothing touched it I think the four will even pass the 13th well he’s going to take a look right here looks like the solids so the 14 doesn’t pass the five ball so it looks like that’s why you wouldn’t hit the solids the four-ball does go past the 13 once.

He can get on the four-ball and shoot it up the table he will have solved this puzzle of this last rack for him we try basically for right now I think so why not because if he doesn’t get there just shoot something else like the six balls or the three-ball it’s a little tricky though he’s got a slide down there where that 15 and 14 bar if he goes, for now, it’s free to go to because he’s got both the six ball on the fireball and the three balls that’s three balls that go into a pocket if he goes too long two balls probably goes too close it’s kind of tight position I’m stunned that he’s shooting the five ball but maybe he gets the four-ball very easily with this little cut to the shot go over.

There pass the ball and maybe it’s after the six amazing air so the method to his madness because he’s fluent playing the seven next, does he think that four balls are so easy that he’s not attacking it that just seems so strange but of course, he’s been playing so well and his position plays so excellent that if he gets on the two and stops he’s probably perfect for the four balls as well it looks like it’s not that easy to get positioned on the four but show us how you do it Justin we want to see I’m curious myself the top angle here from the overhead looks like this two ball past the ten not sure does he may go forward excusing right-hand look how much right-hand spin he’s hitting that with and now the four balls.

Now the floorball gotta be he’s still looking down here this is not the easiest cut shot to look at this she’s gonna take the three look at this look I mean he doesn’t care what the four-ball is doing he’s going to get the four-ball next you can see this is a great angle stop shot here or a stunning shot will bleed him right to the floor he’s trying to get perfect on it and then the eight balls will go in the side pocket or the corner pocket he got a little better angle he did he went through all that just to get the best possible angle now if he makes it the one is easy it’s made it much he hit it perfectly I suspect eight balls on the side pocket you suspect right this is for the match and the championship and Mike is conceding Justin Bergman really shot well Justin Bergman has won the eight ball challenge year 2021.

CSI BC APL national championship I’m going to take it down to J Halpert for the award ceremony with the two champions Justin bring them the champion and the runner-up 8 ball pool apk well you guys you had a great match it was a great shootout it’s a shame somebody had to win and somebody had to lose Mike that second place two in a row yeah tough action well Justin’s tough action yeah totally how would you like to have mine a teammate for the Mosconi Cup yeah be great listen congratulations you play great all week buddy Justin hey you closed it out pretty nicely there.

Thanks finally won a tournament feels good it’s just uh he got unlucky you know break and dry it’s all luck on the bar table so well you guys both played really well in that match now are you gonna make a charge for the Mosconi Cup the next couple months I’m gonna try yeah we’d like to see you on the team listen let me bring Amy Kane in here to give the trophies out congratulations Mike very good tournament congratulations Justin 2019 8 ball champion you’re welcome thank you Amy so that wraps it up for this year’s BCA pull League championships on behalf of Q sports international this is J Halford saying good night,

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